GameDev Blog #9: Creating “Phases” in the Game Starting with Unit Placement

The goal in this post is to add different “phases” to the game that players move through. Specifically, I want the user to start in an “Unit Placement” phase, and then move to an “Unit Movement” phase. This will be done through a “GameplayManager” object in Unity, and communicated to the user through the UI.

Update to Get-RBCD-Threaded: Including WriteDacl and WriteProp

In my previous post on resource-based constrained delegation (RBCD), I created a tool called Get-RBCD-Threaded to enumerate AD environments for possible RBCD attack paths. Get-RBCD-Threaded worked by finding AD users, groups, and computer objects that had either GenericAll, GenericWrite, or WriteOwner privileges on another computer object. These permissions would allows you to modify the ms-DS-Allowed-To-Act-On-Behalf-Of-Other-Identity…