CardConquest GameDev Blog #13: Creating Cards and other Card Related Stuff

Lucky number 13! I will finally be creating some cards for a game I have called “CardConquest.” The cards won’t do anything, but they will be there and you will be able look at them. Oh, and guess what? There will be a bunch of UI and buttons to add for this too! I’m getting all bothered and hot just thinking about it.

CardConquest GameDev Blog #12: Reseting Unit Movement

As the game stands now, the player can move units one tile away from the unit’s starting location in any given “turn.” Within the same turn, the player can keep moving units so long as they don’t stray more than one tile from that starting tile. This allows the player to manually “undo” and moves they make with their units. However, after a bunch of units have been moved, it can get confusing on which of the units was moved from where. So, to allow the player to easily and quickly “undo” unit movements they’ve had second thoughts on, I want to make a button that will reset all the movement for them.

CardConquest GameDev Blog #10: Player Bases and Limiting Unit Placement

Now that the “Unit Placement” phase has been created in the previous post in this series, I want to make it so that there is some limitations on where the player can place their units. To do that, I will mark a specific tile as a player base, and make it so the player can only place units on tiles that are within a specific distance from their base.

CardConquest GameDev Blog #9: Creating “Phases” in the Game Starting with Unit Placement

The goal in this post is to add different “phases” to the game that players move through. Specifically, I want the user to start in an “Unit Placement” phase, and then move to an “Unit Movement” phase. This will be done through a “GameplayManager” object in Unity, and communicated to the user through the UI.