CardConquest Unity Multiplayer GameDev Blog #26: Card Special Abilities

A new feature has been added to CardConquest! That new feature is that some cards will have “special abilities” (and others will not). The special ability will be some sort of condition that will need to be meet during the battle a card is played. If the condition is met, the player benefits in some way! Here is an example of a special ability in the game:

If your army + reinforce. has inf but no tanks, +2 battle score

If you played a card with the above ability, the condition will be met if the following is true:

  • You have at least 1 infantry in your main army or reinforcements
  • You have NO tanks in your main army or reinforcements

If the above two conditions are met, then your “battle score” (the total score used to determine who wins a battle) will be increased by 2.

All of the abilities added to the new release are shown below:

{1,"If your army + reinforce. has inf but no tanks, +2 battle score"},
{2,"If opp. main army has no tanks, +1 attack value"},
{3,"If opp. reinforced but you did not, +3 battle score" }

New Cards New Look

To display to the players the new abilities for cards, the look of the cards was slightly changed. The old cards looked like this:

Now, with the special abilities text, the cards look like this:

All the cards spawned in game are shown below. You can see that the 5, 4, and 1 cards all have special abilities now.

Creating the Cards in Game

Before, the cards were static sprites for each different card. Now, though, the cards dynamically created in game. There is only 1 blank card sprite that looks like this:

When the card is created in game, the “Power” text, the attack and defense icons, and the special abilities text are updated and spawned based on the options set for the card. This was done because some cards will change some attributes of the cards themselves, such as ability number 2 adding +1 to attack value (“If opp. main army has no tanks, +1 attack value”). To display to the players that the attack value was added, a new attack icon would be displayed.

In the image above of all the cards, you can see that the Power 4 card has only 2 attack icons. When you first select the Power 4 card, the ability won’t be activated yet so it will only have 2 attack icons.

In the above scenario, the Blue player is playing the Power 4 card. The green player has no tanks in their army, so the ability should activate and a new attack icon will spawn. This is shown in the battle results phase:

The ability for the Power 4 card activated, giving the blue player an extra attack icon/value. The green player player Power 2 which has 2 defense and would normally protect all their units from a regular Power 4 card, but because the ability activated and the winning player now has an attack value of 3, the green player loses 1 unit.

Power 4’s ability will only be active for that battle it was played in. When the power 4 card is discarded after the battle, the extra attack icon/value is removed from the card:


Now, here’s a silent video showing different scenarios that activated the cards abilities. Enjoy!

New Release

The GitHub for CardConquest has been updated to include the new card abilities. The latest release can be found here. Download the zip, extract, and click on CardConquest-unity.exe to play!

Next Steps…

The next feature I’d like to add to CardConquest is some sort of “player selection” feature. For CardConquest, I want at least two different “decks” or sets of cards that players can choose from before they ready up in the lobby. I may also make it so the makeup of their armies is different as well, like 1 player type will have more tanks and the other would have more infantry or something. Anyway, hopefully that is easy to add to the game!