CardConquest Unity Multiplayer GameDev Blog #27: Commander Selection, More Cards, and More Abilities!

One feature I have been wanting to add to CardConquest is to allow for players to choose from at least 2 different “characters.” I ended up calling these “commanders,” and created two commanders for the players to choose from:

  • Infantry Commander
  • Tank Commander

The new commanders will have different sets of cards and different armies. Players will no longer have the same 5 cards and an army of 4 tanks and 6 infantry.

Choosing Your Commander

When a player joins a lobby, they will now be prompted to select a commander before they can ready up:

When you click on the Select Commander button, you will then be taken to the Select Commander menu:

Just hit the “Next Commander” or “Prev. Commander” buttons to cycle through the options. There are only 2 at the moment. You can view the cards for that specific commander with the “View Commander Cards” button, and then select your commander with the “Select Commander” button.

After you select a commander, you will be back in the lobby menu and can ready up to start the game. When a player chooses a commander, the other player in the lobby will see that as well. This can allow you to change your commander choice after another player has picked theirs or whatever.

Infantry Commander

The infantry commander has the following army:

  • 12 infantry
  • 4 tanks

So, the infantry commander has a lot of infantry but few tanks. My intention for the infantry commander was to make their army more “mobile” and able to spread out with the greater number of units. I haven’t done much real game balance testing so who knows if that actually worked out.

The infantry commander has the following cards in their hand:

As you can see now, commanders have 7 cards in their hand, when previously players only had 5. There is a new “Power 7” and “Power 0” cards. I also added a lot more “card powers” for each commander. For the infantry commander, their cards have the following powers:

{1,"If your army + reinforce. has inf but no tanks, +2 battle score"}, //inf commander - power 7 - complete
{4,"If opp. main army has <2 inf., +1 for each inf. in your army+reinforce" }, //inf commander - power 1 - complete
{7,"If opp. card has >=3 att. value, +1 def. value for this card" }, //inf commander - power 3 - complete
{8,"If your card power > opp. card power & you have no reinf., opp. reinf. = 0" }, //inf commander - power 5 - complete
{9, "If you are defending your base, +2 battle score" }, //inf commander - power 4 - completed

The infantry commander cards have less attack power than the tank commander cards will, but more defense capability to try and prevent your units from being destroyed.

Tank Commander

The tank commander screen is show below:

The tank commander has the following army:

  • 8 infantry
  • 6 tanks

The tank commander has 4 fewer infantry than the infantry commander, but 2 more tanks. This means the tank commander has 2 fewer units, but both commanders’ armies have the same total power of 20.

The tank commander’s cards are shown below:

The tank commander’s cards have high attack values and low defense values. The special abilities for the tank commander’s cards are:

{2,"If opp. main army has no tanks, +1 attack value"}, //tank commander - power 4 - complete
{3,"If opp. reinforced but you did not, +3 battle score" }, //tank commander  - power 5 - complete
{5,"If opp. main army has <2 tanks, +1 for each tank in your main army" }, //tank commander - power 2 - complete
{6,"If opp. played 0 power card, set att. value equal to def. value" }, //tank commander - power 3 - complete
{10,"If your army + reinforce. has tanks but no inf, +1 attack value"} // tank commander - power 7 - complete

Where to Find the New Version Game?

As before, CardConquest’s source code is on GitHub. You can find the latest version under the releases.

However, I also added CardConquest to recently! You can find it here. is currently the only 1 stop place where I have a sort of “how to play” write-up that is uh, more or less caught up with the current version.

Next Steps

Well, now that I’ve added multiple different “decks” and players to choose from, I’m not 100% sure what I want to do with the game next. Maybe some more rigorous play testing and balancing. The other thing I was thinking of were different maps and maybe more than 2 players. More than 2 players will be A LOT of work for me to change and stuff, so, uh, maybe later on that one…

The other thing I was thinking off was maybe trying get my game to work on steam or something, and specifically using Steamworks to allow players to really play online. I imagine that will also be a big change and take a lot of work, but at least Dapper Dino has a youtube tutorial on how to use Steamworks

Smell you later nerds!