GameDev Blog/Something: New Game, StalksStalksStalks!

I made a new game (or, uh, a Unity remake of a browser/text based game I made before) called StalksStalksStalks, which can be found on It’s a ripoff of the old board game Stocks and Bonds. You buy “Stalks”, sell “stalks,” and try to have more wealth than your friends! (assuming you have friends to play with)

The game requires Steam to be running in the background to play as it relies on Steamworks.NET to create a game lobby. It “works” in my testing, but Lord knows that doesn’t mean anything. I apologize in advance if the game immediately crashes or all the calculations and stuff are wrong…

I made the game over the course of ~10 days or so? (It helps that I had a text only version of the game already made with code on github I could copy). I have plans to add a “take out loans” feature at some point, maybe this coming weekend. I added loans to the game, and I even did it on the weekend when I said I would!

Any way, here are some screen shots?