CardConquest: Now On Steam!

My CardConquest game is now available on Steam as part of the Stalks Stalks Stalks deal of a lifetime (free).

When you launch Stalks Stalks Stalks from your steam library, you should now be prompted to choose which game to launch

Both games are available on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It turns out, it is pretty issue to build for different platforms in Unity! You basically just check a box and poof, you got a game that runs on Linux (crazy!). Getting all the builds delivered correctly through Steamworks was a bit more annoying, but I was able to figure it out by looking at a steamworks tutorial that wasn’t written by Valve.

So, anyway, you can now enjoy CardConquest on Steam without doing it in a “fake” way using the spacewar app id! It’s got a real app id now (of a different game I made…)!