GameDev Blog: Goblin Rules Football #12: New UI and Custom Game Settings

In my previous post, I said that one of my next tasks was to create a new UI for the title screen. Here’s what I made!

If you’re looking at that and thinking “wow, looks like a free flash game UI,” well, that’s probably because all I did was reuse a bunch of free assets from the Unity Asset Store, specifically the Fantasy Wooden GUI : Free asset. I am, unsurprisingly, very, very bad at making game UI. I have no idea where to even begin. At least I have something that isn’t just empty Unity UI objects? That’s good right? idk…

Custom Game Settings

As part of the UI update, I implemented features to allow for “custom” games. Here are the settings you can change for single player and multiplayer games:

The main things you can change for the game are:

  • Adjust the length of the half
  • Enable/Disable power ups
  • Enable/Disable the random events
    • The random events are:
    • bottles thrown from crowd,
    • zombie hands reaching up from the ground,
    • goblin streakers
  • Enable/Disable the “obstacles” that are spawned
    • The rocks/logs/puddles and stuff that doesn’t move but can trip or slow a player
  • A “mercy rule” setting
    • When the score gets to a certain point differential, automatically end the game

Most of these settings were really easy to implement into the game. Just add a new check for “powerUpsEnabled” before spawning any power ups and similar things for the random events and obstacles.

The “Mercy Rule” setting required a little more work, but not much. I just added some checks after a touchdown or kick after attempt were scored. If the point differential after the score was equal to or greater than the entered point differential, the “gameover” sequence was started.

Game Settings

The other “settings” related feature I added were game settings. I don’t know how else to word it other than “game settings,” which are different than the “custom game settings,” but basically it’s the resolution/full screen/volume options.

Right now you can only change it from the title screen. I want to add it so in the future you can modify them while in game as well. Hopefully that’s not too hard…

At least changing the volume now actually adjusts the volume in the game!

The only other thing I added (that I can remember, at least) is adding a timer when a game is paused so users know how when the game will automatically resume.

Next Steps…

Not so sure about what to do next. There’s always more “polish” to add to the game and continued tweaking of the AI or whatever. I do think that the next thing I should do is get the Steam store up and running. I loved getting all my steam store assets ready for Stalks Stalks Stalks. Can’t wait to do that again…

Smell ya later nerds!