GameDev Blog: Goblin Rules Football #19: Achievements and a Release Date

First off, my game has a release date now: October 20, 2022! Wow! The game will be free. If anyone ever reads this post, please add it to your wishlist on Steam! You can find the Steam page here.

In other Steam related news, I added a bunch of achievements to GRF! So far, there are 26 achievements to achieve!

Similar to Stalks Stalks Stalks, the game will be free, but if you really want to send me (and Valve) money, you can buy not just one, but TWO DLCs. One is $0.99, and the other is $1.99. I somehow accidentally “released” the $0.99 one already without the base game being released yet. Like with Stalks Stalks Stalks, these DLCs don’t add anything to the game. Unlike Stalks, you should see a “cool” little icon next to your name in multiplayer lobbies to let the whole world know you bought the DLC. Other players can see the image too, not just you!

Here’s what the $0.99 DLC icon looks like:

And the $1.99 icon:

And if you buy both, you get this:

The icons are crowns because I think you are a king, a queen, a mensch, an all around cool person for spending money on my stupid little game. Thank you in advance to anyone who purchases the DLCs!

Next Steps…

I don’t know… start working on a new game? Add-ons to GRF? I have thought long about adding other sports to GRF. Namely golf, baseball, maybe dodgeball or basketball…idk

Smell ya later, nerds!