GameDev Blog: Goblin Rules Football #31: Multiplayer with FishNet. It works (locally)

In my last post I mused that I might mess around start converting the game to multiplayer. Well, that is what I did. I decided to try FishNet for this. FishNet is very similar to Mirror. It has some more features for things like client side prediction and whatnot in the paid version. Free version still has a lot of good stuff to.

Getting started with FishNet was easy enough. There aren’t nearly so many tutorials for FishNet as there are for Mirror, but once you get a hang of it enough and learn what the FishNet equivalents are for Mirror components/features, you can get going quick.

Anyway, it wasn’t quick for me to make this multiplayer. Four weeks or something? Took a week just to figure out how to spawn a player… This FishNet Fundamentals video and the FishNet Walkthrough from First Gear Games were very helpful in getting everything working.

Here’s a video of a client playing!

There are a few other “features” I added other than multiplayer. There are “bounce” sounds for the ball hitting the ground or obstacles. They’re a little hard to hear in the video. I also changed the lightning skip system so that if all players choose to skip, all in a row, the “Storm will pass” and the lightning will stop. Basically all the players agreeing to wait it out no matter how long it takes! But the game doesn’t make you wait.

Next Steps…

Hmmm… I guess get started on those mini game ritual things I’ve been pondering for some time now. That will be fun. No idea what they will be so we’ll see what I come up with! Hopefully it’s good (fun)!

Smell ya later, nerds!