GameDev Blog: Goblin Rules Football #32: Multiplayer Demo Live on Itch

Here’s the demo page: Download is at the bottom. Extract .zip file. Launch Goblin-Rules-Football.exe. Windows only.

Multiplayer over the Internet requires connecting to the host’s externally facing IP. The host can find this by searching “What is my IP Address?” in Google/Bing/AskJeeves/whatever. Not sure if duck duck go will tell you since it is a privacy thing or whatever and I’m too lazy to check.

To start, select either “Start Server” to host, or if joining a game enter in the IP/hostname and click on “Connect to IP.”

Then either set your name (or the server will just set one for you) and select the color of your ball (if you want). Then click “ready up.”

After all players are ready, the host can start the game:

And then you’re in!

Weather and wind are random. There are 3 holes. If you hold down tab, you can view everyone’s score!

Next Steps…

Idk. I’ve been using FishNet and it seems really jittery. Might just nuke it and switch back to Mirror. Maybe after a lot of work, spending weeks converting the game back to Mirror it will work better? Probably would be the same result. Oh well.

Smell ya later, nerds!