GameDev Blog: Goblin Rules Football #34: Power Ups

Hello to the one person reading this who is also me. I added power ups to Goblin Rules Football: Goblin Rules Golf (GRFGRG). In my previous post, I mention balloons and power ups, and now, the power ups are in the game! I also changed the balloons a bit so they’re bigger and easier to hit. Also, less “banding” in the color for them to make it look a little bit better? Idk, you decide:

The balloons are also slightly bigger the higher up they are. Idea was to make “high” balloons a little bit easier to hit since you have to get them at the top of a long trajectory, versus a low balloon which you can easily hit at the beginning of your trajectory.

The power up types are:

Accuracy: 50% Less of an accuracy penalty on your hit

Power: Hit balls 50% further on hits

Drill: Go through obstacles (so you don’t bounce off them)

Higher: Hit balls twice as high. I guess this allows for you to avoid obstacles, but really it’s just to get “whoa super high bounce” moments

Mulligan: Redo a turn. After each turn, you’ll get asked if you want to continue on or mulligan the hit. Mulligan means re-take your shot from your previous position and you get the stroke back. Still need to test this one out a lot like when a player gets it in the hole on a mulligan’d shot or how lightning and tornadoes work with it. Oh well. The basics work now at least!

No bounce: your hits don’t bounce. As soon as your ball hits the ground, it stays there, regardless of terrain type it lands on.

Rain: Your shot will be in clear weather. Each opponent’s next shot will have weather one step worse than the weather they’d normally get. Clear goes to light rain. Light rain to medium rain, etc.

Wind: You get 0 wind on your shot. All other players get slightly stronger wind speeds on their next turn.

And that’s it! I don’t think I did anything else since the last post…

Oh, here’s a video of it all. You can also hear some synth playing in the background. That’s just little old me messing around on my minilogue xd (you should probably mute it before hitting play).

Next Steps…

I have no idea. Probably work on getting a demo version out with all the updates. Also, I do want to add a “rocket ball” power up that lets you guide your ball as it’s flying. The way collisions are detected right now wouldn’t work well, so I think it would be an easy “solution” and also fun/hard/annoying mechanic to make it so if you are actively steering your ball with the rocket and collide with an object, your ball instantly blows up. Not sure if that should have a lightning-strike-like -10 stroke penalty, or just have the player’s ball land where the obstacle was (and maybe “blow up” the obstacle as well and remove it from that spot?) Anyway…

Smell ya later, nerds!