CardConquest Unity Multiplayer GameDev Blog #28: Using Steamworks + Mirror for Multiplayer Lobbies!

After I got CardConquest to a “playable” state with most of the gameplay features I wanted added (if not really “refined”), I wanted to add something to make multiplayer easier. Before, in order to play CardConquest, the easiest way to be on the same local network as your opponent. If you wanted to player over…

CardConquest Unity Multiplayer GameDev Blog #27: Commander Selection, More Cards, and More Abilities!

One feature I have been wanting to add to CardConquest is to allow for players to choose from at least 2 different “characters.” I ended up calling these “commanders,” and created two commanders for the players to choose from: Infantry Commander Tank Commander The new commanders will have different sets of cards and different armies.…

CardConquest Unity Multiplayer GameDev Blog and Tutorial #23: The Discard Pile

So far in CardConquest, when a player plays a card in a battle, that card is discarded after the battle. The player only has five cards, though, so they quickly run out of them as they play. The player also has to play a card in a battle. So, what happens after the player plays all five of their cards? Well, it’s pretty simple, actually: the discard pile will be put back into their hand and it starts over.

CardConquest Unity Multiplayer GameDev Blog #20: Choosing a Card for Battles

In this rousing round of CardConquest game development, I want to allow players to select what card they will player for a battle. The card the player chooses will affect their army’s “power” number, and the player with the most power will win the battle! This will be a fairly important component of the game!

CardConquest GameDev Blog #19: Detecting Player Battles

Currently in CardConquest, players can move their units a distance of 1 land tile and then advance to the next turn. If players put their units on the same land tile and the turn advances, things get a little…strange visually but not really happens. What I want to have happen, though, is that two players move units onto the same land tile, the game will detect that and declare a “Battle” that will need to be fought.