GameDev Blog: Goblin Rules Football #20: CRT Screen Effect with Shader Graph

While I wait for Goblin Rules Football to release on October 20 (add to your steam wish list now!) I was thinking of things to maybe add to the game that wouldn’t impact gameplay much. Too soon to the release to start adding new game mechanics! A month or so ago I discovered Acerola‘s videos…

GameDev Blog: Using Mirror + Steamworks.NET to create Multiplayer Lobbies in Unity

In my CardConquest blog series, I created a multiplayer game in Unity that uses Mirror for the multiplayer networking stuff. Mirror works great, especially when testing locally or on my home network. Things get a little more complicated when you want to create a game for people to join on the internet. Using Mirror and…

CardConquest Unity Multiplayer GameDev Blog and Tutorial #23: The Discard Pile

So far in CardConquest, when a player plays a card in a battle, that card is discarded after the battle. The player only has five cards, though, so they quickly run out of them as they play. The player also has to play a card in a battle. So, what happens after the player plays all five of their cards? Well, it’s pretty simple, actually: the discard pile will be put back into their hand and it starts over.

CardConquest Unity Multiplayer GameDev Blog #20: Choosing a Card for Battles

In this rousing round of CardConquest game development, I want to allow players to select what card they will player for a battle. The card the player chooses will affect their army’s “power” number, and the player with the most power will win the battle! This will be a fairly important component of the game!

CardConquest GameDev Blog #19: Detecting Player Battles

Currently in CardConquest, players can move their units a distance of 1 land tile and then advance to the next turn. If players put their units on the same land tile and the turn advances, things get a little…strange visually but not really happens. What I want to have happen, though, is that two players move units onto the same land tile, the game will detect that and declare a “Battle” that will need to be fought.